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Cloud Video Editing – No Software Required

Now you can shoot your video, upload the raw media into the cloud, edit,  and produce your show using standard web browsers anywhere in the world – no special software or equipment needed!

Cloud video editing applications allow you to select, modifying, sequence, and add transition effects to video media that is stored or accessible through the Internet. Some of the companies providing cloud video editing services include,, and

Raw Media Files – The process starts by uploading the raw media files are transferred into the cloud. It is ok to use lossless compression (can reduce about 50%). These are large files so they are typically uploaded at locations that have ultra-high speed data connections.

Editing Applications – are accessed through the cloud editing platform, not on the computer. This means it is not necessary to install software on the computer that is used for editing. Some cloud TV editing applications in 2016 did have 4k video production capability. The editing features of cloud video editing is growing but tends to be limited compared to programs like Final Cut or Adobe Premier. However, current cloud video editors are good enough for basic TV and film production.

Proxy Servers – to allow cloud video editing on computers with limited Internet connection and processing speed. The video is provided in lower resolution through the use of proxy servers. The editor sees a low resolution version of the video when they are editing.

Rendering (publishing) – the high resolution media (raw media) is already in the cloud so producing a high-resolution version for distribution is done using the cloud servers and can be much faster than rendering on local computers.

Packaging and Distribution – producing variations (e.g. global and local versions) and transferring media programs (FTP) is easier because programs are already stored in the cloud.

Editing Speed – some editing processes (cut, move, splice) can be a bit slower because the time it takes for the editing commands to and from cloud.

Service Fees – some cloud video editing services charge monthly service fees and some charge on a per rendering basis (only pay when you convert your final production files such as MP4).

How to use for Video Editing in the Cloud:

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