Internet TV Plus Podcast

Online TV Technology, Systems, and Services

Online TV Technology, Systems, and Services

Welcome to the Internet TV Plus Podcast, where we help TV industry leaders and professionals to discover, setup, and run new TV systems and services. Why? Because the TV and film industry is in rapid change mode shifting from broadcast to streaming video services. It seems each day there is a new TV technology, service, acronym, or other information that is dramatically changing your business or job. Each week, Internet TV Plus podcast covers and explains emerging television tech and business solutions. In addition to learning cool stuff like interactive holograms that you can feel – yes, this is for real – you will also discover new things you can do to improve your company, product, or job.



Internet TV Plus Podcast Host – Lawrence Harte:

lawrence-harte-tech-media-expert-333x239Lawrence Harte is a tech media evangelist who has a passion for discovering, learning, and explaining how to implement new TV technologies and services. Founder of 4 industry magazines, tech and business school, and over a dozen conferences. From 2005 to 2016, he interviewed over 3800 TV tech and business companies. He helps companies to design and setup TV systems, has been part of the production crew for movies and TV shows, and is an expert consultant for Google TV, Samsung, and other leading companies.


Session List


115 – Monetizing Movie and TV Metadata Through New Consumer Engagement Options – July 24, 2017

114 – Rapid OTT Deployment – Key Requirements, Features, and Options – July 17, 2017

113 – Creating a TV Channel from Short Videos – July 3, 2017

112 – Interactive Video – Creating Better and More Measurable Viewer Experiences – Jun 26, 2017

111 – Moving Large Video Files Through the Cloud – – Reliably and Securely Transferring Massive Media Files – Apr 24, 2017

110 – Virtual Streaming Content Distribution – Reducing Stream Bandwidth by Using Peer to Peer Media Relaying – Apr 20, 2017

109 – Internet TV (OTT) Internet TV Program Guides – Features, Options, and New Revenue Sources – Feb 13, 2017

108 – Internet TV (OTT) Hosting Platforms – Jan 16, 2017

107 – TV News Show to Social Media Conversion – Jan 2, 2017

105 – Live OTT Synchronization – Dec 19, 2016

102 – Internet TV Business Opportunities – Nov 28, 2016

Internet TV already has shocking success stories such as NetFlix, Google TV, and Sling. There are many new and emerging opportunities for businesses and jobs in the Internet TV industry. NetFlix started streaming in mid 2007 and as of the end of 2016 had over 89 Million subscribers. If you are involved in traditional TV, you need to understand how the business is dramatically changing. In this session, you discover new opportunities in providing Internet TV services, micro targeted advertising, t-commerce (e-commerce for TV), TV service access fees, content owners that pay TV networks, media production boom, TV app revenues, pay per registration, social TV, and broadband access services. If you want to make great profits or get an amazing job in the new television industry, you should learn about emerging Internet TV opportunities.

101 – NAB 2016 Technology, Product, and Services Review – Nov 21, 2016

Do you want to learn about new and cool TV equipment and services that will change your business or career? In this session, we cover over 20 key products and services shown at the National Association of Broadcasters show – NAB 2016. Some are cool, some are industry changing.

The topics we cover include:
– Depth Keying – no green screen required – inside or outside
– Automatic Video Switching – no camera operator needed – with amazing production value
– Internet TV Hosting and Distribution – no broadcast license required
– Cloud TV Editing – no editing system required
– Live TV Social Media Publishing
– Collaboration Production Workflow
– Live Virtual Reality
– Rights Management
– Online TV Marketplaces
– Video to Social Media Conversion Tools
– Live Motion Capture Animation
– and More

This session also shares links to images and videos that show these new products and services.

100 – Internet TV Plus Podcast Introduction – Nov 14, 2016

In Episode 100 – Internet TV Plus Podcast Introduction, host Lawrence Harte introduces the concept of how Internet TV Plus Podcast can help you to learn what Internet TV Plus covers, how it can help you, and he shares a little bit about how he came to start the podcast.

Upcoming Sessions

Connected TV Ad Networks – Dec 12, 2016

Moving Large Video Files through the Cloud.

Internet TV Billing – Ways to bill and collect money for Internet TV services.
Cloud TV Editing – No Software Required – How to upload, edit, and publish video using Online platforms.
Depth Keying – No Green Screen Required – How to change backgrounds and ad graphics without color key.