104 – Connected TV Advertising


Episode 104 – Internet TV movies, shows, and channels can earn higher revenue per viewer from advertising than Superbowl ads because of ad targeting controls. The sources of ads can come from direct sales or from video advertising networks such as Google’s Doubleclick for Publishers – DFP, Adrise, YuMe, and others. Selling ads can be time consuming and complicated. Video Ad networks already exist which can provide campaigns and media ready to insert. Internet TV Ad networks (also called connected advertising) allow advertisers and publishers (show providers) to setup rules on what ads and content are authored and the desired advertising rates. This session covers the types of Internet TV ads, how to insert them, and ad networks that can supply them.

Questions Answered

  • What is Connected TV Advertising?
  • Who needs Connected TV Advertising?
  • How much Money can be Made from Connected TV Advertising?
  • Where to get Ads for Internet TV Systems?
  • How do Connected TV Video Ad Networks Work?
  • How do Video Ad Networks Connect to OTT Systems?
  • How Long Does it take to Setup Connected TV Ad Services?
  • What Services and/or Equipment are Needed for to Insert Connected TV Ads?
  • Any Special Training Required for Operators or Users?
  • and more…

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