112 – Interactive Video – Creating Better and More Measurable Viewer Experiences


Episode 112 – Interactive video can provide a dramatic increase in video viewing experience while gathering highly valuable marketing information. Creating interactive video experiences can be hard to plan and setup and gathering the engagement information from many sources and engagement options can be difficult. To solve this challenge, the company has created an interactive video development platform that simplifies the interactive development process and provides a simple and standardized way to gather and analyze viewer topic and engagement activity information. Listen to this session to learn how you can easily create interactive videos that provide your viewers with a better experience and allow you to gather viewing interests and other engagement information.

Questions Answered

  • What is interactive video?
  • Why is interactive video Important?
  • Who needs interactive video solution?
  • How does interactive video work (basic)?
  • What is
  • Why did you start Verse?
  • Who are some of your key clients?
  • What Changes are Needed to Implement interactive video?
  • How Long Does it take to Setup interactive video Solution?
  • What Services and/or Equipment are Needed for interactive video?
  • Are there Other Benefits to interactive video Solution?
  • Any Special Training Required for Operators or Users?
  • Is interactive video Work with Most Systems?
  • Are there Industry Standards for interactive video?
  • What Additional information is Available?
  • and More….

Dan Bigman
Publisher – Verse
Dan Bigman joined VERSE after 17 years in digital leadership roles at The New York Times and Forbes, helping two of the biggest brands in media reinvent themselves for the Internet age. He directed’s award-winning coverage of the invasion of Iraq, the 2004 presidential campaign and co-founded, with Andrew Ross Sorkin, the well-known DealBook news service. As managing editor of Forbes, he was integral in creating and deploying the company’s revolutionary contributor platform — which quadrupled site traffic to more than 70 million unique visitors a month — and ran online and print coverage of industries ranging from pharmaceuticals and healthcare to automotive, energy and media.
Website: Verse

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