102 – Internet TV Business Opportunities


Episode 102 – Internet TV already has shocking success stories such as NetFlix, Google TV, and Sling. There are many new and emerging opportunities for businesses and jobs in the Internet TV industry. NetFlix started streaming in mid 2007 and as of the end of 2016 had over 89 Million subscribers. If you are involved in traditional TV, you need to understand how the business is dramatically changing. In this session, you discover new opportunities in providing Internet TV services, micro targeted advertising, t-commerce (e-commerce for TV), TV service access fees, content owners that pay TV networks, media production boom, TV app revenues, pay per registration, social TV, and broadband access services. If you want to make great profits or get an amazing job in the new television industry, you should learn about emerging Internet TV opportunities.

TV Business Opportunities Covered:

  • Internet TV Services
  • Dynamic TV Advertising
  • t-Commerce
  • TV Service Access Fees
  • Content Owners that Pay TV Networks
  • Copyright Enforcement
  • Media Production Boom
  • TV App Revenues
  • Social TV
  • Broadband Access

Lawrence Harte
Managing Director DiscoverNet
Internet TV Plus Conference Host,Social TV Magazine Publisher/Editor, & VP Business Development

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