108 – Internet TV Hosting Platforms


Episode 108 – Internet TV hosting platforms (also called Over the Top Television – OTT Platforms) allow any person or company to provide online movies and shows without owning any network equipment. Movie, shows, and webisode content is uploaded, billing fees and distribution rules are set, and the system automatically adapts the content for viewing on multiple types of devices. Internet TV Hosting platforms may be used by broadcasters as a way to reach new customers or by content owners who want to provide media directly to their audiences. This session covers what Internet TV Hosting platforms do, the key features and operations they offer, and how to monetize content using subscription fees, ad revenues, and direct sales processing.

Questions Answered

  • What is an Internet TV – OTT hosting platform?
  • Who uses Internet TV Hosting solutions?
  • How does an Internet TV Hosting platform work?
  • What is Needed to setup an Internet TV Platform (equipment, services)?
  • How Long Does it take to Setup an Internet TV Platform?
  • What types of device compatibility is important (TV box, tablet, smartphone)?
  • How is customer care provided?
  • How is content managed?
  • How can ads be inserted?
  • and more…

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