100 – Internet TV Plus Podcast Introduction


Episode 100 – Internet TV Plus Podcast Introduction, host Lawrence Harte introduces the concept of how Internet TV Plus Podcast can help you to learn what Internet TV Plus covers, how it can help you, and he shares a little bit about how he came to start the podcast.

Questions Answered in This Episode

  • What is Internet TV Plus Podcast?
  • How Often is it Published?
  • Who Listens to Internet TV Plus Podcast?
  • What Internet TV Topics are Covered?
  • What Types of Guests are On the Show?
  • What Additional Resources does it Have?
  • What Experience does Host Lawrence Harte Have?
  • How to Listen and Subscribe?
  • and more…

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Lawrence Harte
Managing Director DiscoverNet
Internet TV Plus Conference Host,Social TV Magazine Publisher/Editor, & VP Business Development

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