109 – Internet TV Program Guides – Features, Options, and New Revenue Sources


Episode 109 – Internet TV program guides are critical to help Connected TV viewers to choose from thousands of channels and movies they want to watch. Traditional scrolling program guides just don’t work for many choices. Viewers also want to be shown relevant program options and popular programs can bias recommendations. Platform owners want to add new revenue options such as feature program and product promotion. This session will help you to discover key Internet TV Program guide viewer features, implementation options, and ways to use the program guide to generate new revenue sources.

Questions Answered

  • What is an Internet TV Program Guide?
  • Why are Program Guides Important?
  • Who needs Internet TV Program Guide solution?
  • How do Internet TV Program Guides Work?
  • How Long Does it take to Setup Internet TV Program Guide Solution?
  • What are some of the Ways that TV Program Guides can be Personalized?
  • How can Program Guide Viewer Interaction Information be Kept Private?
  • What Services and/or Equipment are Needed for Internet TV Program Guide?
  • Are there Industry Standards for Internet TV Program Guides?
  • and More….

Tom Weiss
CEO – Genius Digital
Tom Weiss is an international innovator on TV big data analytics, advising many companies in the Big Data space, and leading Genius Digital’s business to provide consumer analytics and insight to tier-1 TV operators across Asia and North America.
Website: Genius Digital

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