111 – Moving Large Video Files Through the Cloud

Getting large video files transferred through the cloud can be a high-cost bottleneck for video producers, distributors, and processors. Raw media files are becoming more important as producers and graphic effects companies collaborate from anywhere across the world. Traditional FTP file transfer is inefficient (can be less than 10% efficient at long distances), unreliable (can stop in middle of transfer), and costly when leased lines are used. This session covers ways you can reliably transfer large media files faster, more securely, and at a lower cost.

Questions Answered in This Episode

  • What are large video file transfer options?
  • Can you use standard FTP for large media file transfers?
  • How do you reduce costs of video file transfer?
  • How does large media file transfer work?
  • Does cloud file transfer work with Most media production Systems?
  • What Equipment or Services are Needed to do Large file transfers?
  • How Long Does it take to Setup a large media file transfer Solution?
  • How do you automate the video file transfer processes?
  • Any Special Training Required for Operators or Users?
  • and more…

Francois Quereuil
Senior Director of Worldwide Marketing
at Aspera, an IBM company
Website: Aspera

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