114 – Rapid OTT Deployment – Key Requirements, Features, and Options


Episode 114 – Broadcasters and content owners want to rapidly setup systems to offer their channels and programs online with multiple customer revenue producing features. Internet TV streaming systems are complicated and time consuming to setup, need to be constantly updated to support many types of viewing devices, and they need to include services and features such as TVOD, AVOD, and other capabilities to earn revenue and keep subscribers happy. This session explains how to rapidly setup an online TV system that with key revenue producing capabilities, features, and options.

Questions Answered

  • What Does Rapid OTT Deployment Mean?
  • Why is Rapid OTT Deployment Important?
  • Who can benefit from Rapidly Deploying an OTT solution?
  • How does an OTT System work (basic)?
  • What Changes are Needed to Implement OTT?
  • How Long Does it take to Setup an OTT Solution?
  • What Services and/or Equipment are Needed to run an OTT System?
  • Are there Other Benefits to an OTT Solution?
  • Any Special Training Required for Operators or Users?
  • Will OTT Work with Most Broadcast Systems?
  • Are there Industry Standards for OTT?
  • and More….

Sam Orton-Jay
Sales and Marketing Director
Sam Orton-Jay has 14 year’s experience working in video technology. After product managing the industry leading Blu-ray Disc production tools at Sonic Solutions, he also held business development, strategy and sales positions at dvX and NeuLion, helping to define and deliver solutions to major operators, sports federations and broadcasters across Europe. He now leads the sales and marketing team for Simplestream’s unique range of cloud-based solutions for Live and VOD OTT delivery and is based in their central London office.

Website: Simplestream

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