123 – TV Advertising Attribution

Advertisers want to know which marketing campaigns and advertising messages influence or result in the purchase of their products and services. Advertising budgets have been shifting from TV to Internet platforms that can measure and demonstrate results. Gathering and processing engagement data from multiple TV systems has been difficult. New OTT distribution options have resulted in incorrect or fraudulent ad inserts. Listen to this session to discover how TV advertising attribution systems can provide ad influence measurements, the types of TV ad engagement data and ways to capture them, and how to verify that ads are being delivered to the right audiences.

Topics Covered

  • What is and TV Advertising Attribution?
  • Why is TV Advertising Attribution Important?
  • What Surprises Companies about TV Advertising Attribution?
  • Who Needs TV Advertising Attribution Solution?
  • How does TV Advertising Attribution Work – Basically?
  • What Changes are Needed to Implement TV Advertising Attribution?
  • How Long Does it take to Setup a TV Advertising Attribution Solution?
  • What Services and/or Equipment are Needed for TV Advertising Attribution?
  • Are there Other Benefits to TV Advertising Attribution Solutions?
  • Any Special TV Advertising Attribution Training Required for Users?
  • Will TV Advertising Attribution Work with Most Systems?
  • Are there Industry Standards for TV Advertising Attribution?

Jeff Greenfield PhotoJeff Greenfield is the Chief Attribution Officer and Co-founder of C3 Metrics, an advanced advertising attribution company. Jeff has been an expert of media production, broadcasting, and cross-channel advertising since the 1990s. He setup C3 metrics to help companies discover and optimize their advertising campaigns by using multi-platform analytics, machine learning, and ad attribution services.


Website: C3 Metrics

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