124 – TV and OTT Cross-Media Advertising

TV broadcasters and OTT service providers can add new revenues by selling advertising services on multiple platforms. Using an integrated ad management platform can enable television service providers to sell video and digital ads across cross-media platforms increasing revenues. Ad inventory management automation and optimization is critical to ad targeting, insertion, and campaign optimization. Having an integrated ad management system allows for better media analytics which allows for ad inventory capacity forecasting, sellouts, and can manage pricing based on real time ad insertion demands. This session covers how multi-platform ad management systems can enable TV broadcasters and OTT service providers to setup and manage cross-platform campaigns which allows them to sell digital ad campaigns to existing and new advertising clients.

Topics Covered

  • What is and Cross-Media Advertising?
  • Why is a Cross-Media Advertising Important?
  • What Surprises Companies about Cross-Media Advertising?
  • Who Needs a Cross-Media Advertising Solution?
  • How does Cross-Media Advertising Work – Basically?
  • What Changes are Needed to Implement Cross-Media Advertising?
  • How Long Does it take to Setup a Cross-Media Advertising Solution?
  • What Services and/or Equipment are Needed for Cross-Media Advertising?
  • Are there Other Benefits to Cross-Media Advertising Solution?
  • Any Special Cross-Media Advertising User Training Needed?
  • Will Cross-Media Advertising Work with Most Systems?
  • Are there Industry Standards for Cross-Media Advertising?

Taras BugirTaras Bugir is president of Decentrix, a cross-media and multi-platform advertising system technology provider. He is a broadcast, streaming, and tech media expert with global experience for over 35 years in developing and deploying media systems for leading tech companies including Harris, Microsoft, Oracle, Sun, Decentrix, and others.


Website: Decentrix

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