107 – TV News Show to Social Media Conversion


TV shows and movies are great sources of social media content which can be a super low cost and effective way to attract and engage viewers. Finding the right clips, processing them, and knowing where they should be published can be how time consuming and produce little results if done wrong. Learn how a daily TV news show updated its production processes to get dramatic increases in program views along with many new audience activities. Discover how to make some simple line production changes, use templates, media agents, and other tools to improve the value and impact your media can have.

Questions Answered in This Episode

  • What is Social TV Production?
  • Why is Social TV Production Important?
  • How does your Social TV for News Conversion Work?
  • How to Identify Good Clips to be Converted to Social Media?
  • How to Process the Media clips for Social Media Publishing?
  • How Much Time Does it Take to Convert Shows into Social Media?
  • Who Should do the Conversion?
  • How Do You Measure how Effective the Converted Social Media is?
  • and more….

Tracie Clarke
WCAP TV News Producer
WCAP TV News Producer and Editor of Social TV Magazine
Website: ***

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