110 – Virtual Streaming Content Distribution

Online TV providers need to reduce streaming bandwidth costs while increasing the peak stream transfer capacity. Bandwidth costs can be high for streaming services. The trend is more bandwidth is needed for higher resolution and higher peak bandwidths are needed for dynamically changing media compression levels. This session explains how to create a virtual CDN which provides more streaming capacity with less bandwidth using peer to peer stream relaying.

Questions Answered in This Episode

  • What is Virtual Peer to Peer Streaming Distribution?
  • Why is Virtual Streaming Distribution Important?
  • Who Needs to Use a Virtual Streaming CDN?
  • How does Peer to Peer Streaming Distribution Work?
  • What Changes are Needed to Implement Virtual Streaming Distribution?
  • How Long Does it Take to Setup a Virtual Streaming CDN?
  • What Types of Equipment is Needed for a Virtual Streaming CDN?
  • How much Streaming Bandwidth Can be Reduced?
  • Will Virtual Streaming work with Most Systems?
  • and more…

Ron van Herk
CEO of Cybermedia Television

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