TV Show and Movie Social Media Conversion

18 Jun 2016
11:00 am - 11:50 am

TV Show and Movie Social Media Conversion

TV shows and movies are great sources of social media content. Finding the right clips, processing them, and knowing where they should be published can be how time consuming and produce little results if done wrong. Come to this session to learn quick ways to find good clips, what pre-roll and post-roll content can be added, and where publish video clips that attract and engage viewers

Converting TV Show or movie video and scripts into multiple social media posts can be a super low cost and effective way to attract viewers. Without a good process, social media marketing can be complicated, time consuming, and ineffective.

By using templates, timelines, media agents, some simple line production changes, and other tools, it is possible to keep a show active in the media for years. Come to this session to learn low cost quick ways to create and convert video into effective social media posts that attract more viewers and provide a better engagement for existing audiences.